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Mighty Hoops
25% off Mighty Hoopss
Magnetic Mighty Hoops hold the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjust for different thicknesses. Helpful in reducing hoop burn on fabrics and easy on your wrists and hands. Great hoop for thicker items like work clothing and horse blankets. Magnetic Mighty hoops are available in several sizes for a number of embroidery machines. Check out our selection!
Gripper Kit
Gripper Kit 15% off
Get a grip! Helps minimize misprints and head strikes. It helps increase production numbers and prints on more substrates. The Gripper Kit allows DTG users to print on canvas tote bags better and to print on bulky sweatshirts. It grips the material tighter which gives a smoother surface allowing the printer to print with ease. The gripper kit attaches to the Brother DTG Garment Printer adult platen easily and stays on permanently.
Cutaway & Tearaway Backing
15% off Cutaway & Tear away Backing - not including specialty backings
Is it time to try a new backing? We offer several weights and styles: Cutaway is a permanent stabilizer that remains on the fabric and keeps it stable during and after embroidery. Best used for polo shirts, tee shirts and loose weave fabrics. Tear away is a temporary stabilizer that is easy to remove. Use this product on heavy materials such as denim or canvas. Some tear away tears more readily in one direction, while others tear in both directions.
Schmetz Needles
10% off Schmetz Needles
Get to the Point! Schmetz leads the way in embroidery machine needles. They feature the larger eye for easy threading and helps minimize damage on embroidery thread reducing down-time. They have a polished eye that helps the thread pass through the eye smoothly minimizing thread breakage. They also have a reinforced upper blade which gives you a longer needle life. We have many sizes, types and points. It’s a good time to stock up on needles before the holidays.
Fil-Tec Bobbins
Fil-Tec Magna-Glide Bobbins 5% off
Magna-Glide pre-wound polyester bobbins were designed for commercial embroidery bobbin cases. The magnetic core offers uniform tension control throughout the entire spool helping prevent thread breakage or bird nesting. Magna-Glide bobbins produce clean uniform stitches with little to no lint buildup and no overspun or backlash concerns. This helps eliminate costly thread waste from lower quality bobbins with erratic tensions.
Galaxy Vinyl
10% off Galaxy Stretchable Glitter Vinyl
Galaxy Stretchable Glitter Vinyl is great for dance and gymnastic wear. Designs stretch with the garment! Galaxy heat transfer vinyl is made of a glossy polyurethane flex film with sparkling glitter embedded in it. Use on cotton, polyester, and similar fibers. Heat press on the garment at 330° medium pressure, 15-20 seconds and peel the carrier off when cold. Check out our great selection of colors.
Special Deal:: $28.00
Heat Applied Vinyl 15"x5yd
Special Deal $5.95
Madeira Black Poly Thread
Clearance Price: $17.41
A soft 2.5oz cutaway backing. Great for smaller logos on left chest shirts.