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Organ Needles
10% OFF!
The most important part of any embroidery machine is the needle that brings the design to life. Organ Needles are designed to insure outstanding performance. The Organ Needle Company works with machine manufacturers to make sure their needles fit all commercial brand embroidery machines. Organ Needles come in many styles and sizes including ballpoint, sharp and titanium. Each box contains 100 needles.
Durkee Cap Frames
Save $20!
Durkee Cap Frames are easy to use and make embroidering on hats simple. Their made of durable and lightweight metal construction and attach to your machine just like any other hoop. With an extra large sewing field you can embroider designs up to 5” wide x 4 ½” tall. Durkee Cap Frames work for hooping both the front and back of the cap. Vertical slots in the front and back make for easy alignment.
Peel & Stick Backing
15% OFF!
Peel & Stick Backing is a great addition to your embroidery supply kit with a wide variety of uses. Everyone knows that Peel & Stick Backing is a must have for doing hoopless embroidery. But it can also help with many hard-to-hoop materials. Fabrics such as bicycle shorts, brushed denim and suede can easily be stabilized. It works great for embroidering shirt collars and cuffs too. Peel & Stick Backing is a specialty tearaway stabilizer that every custom shop should have.
10% OFF!
The T-Lock Multi-Purpose Platen Kit works great with your Brother DTG printer. The T-Lock Base is designed to easily work with platens of all sizes allowing GT users to print on substrates that can be difficult on the Adult Platen. GT users can also create custom platen inserts to meet their specific printing needs. The T-Lock Platen Kit is not just for tees. The kit includes the T-Lock Base plus multiple inserts including youth and baby. There are a variety of inserts available to upgrade this product making the possibilities limitless.
10% OFF!
For Decades KK100 has led the market as a best-in-class adhesive spray. This temporary adhesive spray creates a strong bond while allowing for easy repositioning of fabric. KK100 is great to use with applique, puffy foam, 3D foam and hoopless embroidery. KK100 is a must have for your embroidery shop. It is a non-toxic spray that offers just the right amount of tact. It fully absorbs in 24-26 hours and washes off leaving no residue.
Select Fashion Vinyl
$10 per Yard!
Patterned Fashion Vinyl can really help your designs make a statement. This heat transfer vinyl is thin and stretchy helping to keep your designs light weight. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from including animal print, camouflage, chevron and more. For a limited time select patterns are available for the low price of $10 per yard. Shop today make your HTV design look truly fashionable.
New Product!
The 9" x 12" Craft Press is ideal for a crafting business, creative hobbyist or mobile garment decorator. It is lightweight, compact and perfect for traveling. This Craft Press makes personalizing shirts, pillow cases, towels and more easy.
Graphtec 15" Vinyl Cutter
New Product!
The CE600040 is the table top model of the Graphtec line. It is 15" wide E-class desktop cutter. This cutter comes with Graphtec Studio Software, Cutting Master Plug-in, plus Graphtec's ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system. Professional, reliable servo motors are made for production and accuracy! CE6000 Cutting Applications Include (but not limited to) •Cut Vinyl •Cut Pre-Printed Labels •Cut Heat Transfer •Cut Masking Media •Cut Rhinestone Stencil Templates •Contour Cut Pre-Printed Stickers & Graphics •Cut Etching and Sandblast Resist Stencils
Mighty Hoop 4.25 for Tajima
Special Deals!
Mighty Hoop Tajima/Toyota 360SF 4.25 Magnetic Hoop